Me & My Big Blog


Before we get started, I’m just going to come right out & say it:

I’ve never written a blog.

I thought it best I be upfront, so when you’re scratching your head asking yourself “is she doing this on purpose?”; you can rest assured I am.

We’re embarking on a maiden voyage here; so this will at the very least be interesting for me.

This isn’t a blog with a purpose or objective. It’s just me, typing; & it can get messy. There’s no precision or clear direction. It’s more like water…all over the map (sorry not sorry).

I like to type how I speak. I hear it in my head first, then I try to emulate that flow; that organic cadence. So, if you don’t like sentences that run on & over like Niagara Falls, & then trail in thought or pause for effect as such…….…

Turn. Away. Now. I won’t judge you; but I also won’t take blame for your grammatical or literary anguish should you stay.

You’ve been warned……..






The blog idea began rather randomly; which is befitting; randomness frequents this terrain. I didn’t prepare myself or research. I just jumped.

I didn’t read 7 Tips for the Bestest Blog Ever”.

I didn’t scroll through11 Mistakes You Should Avoid So Your Blog Won’t Be Uber Stupid”, or

Don’t Use ‘Uber’ in Your Blog or in Every Day Speech EVER; and Other Words to Run Away From”, or anything like that.

I thought about it; does that count? I did Google blog tips once; & it was as if the entire Earth’s population had shared their opinion on what they thought was the “best way” to write a blog.

The results hit my eyes, overwhelming me with a sense of impending doom should I dare linger. You know that look you see in the movies when someone spots the tidal wave?


I turned tail.



I settled on the decision to put my blinders on, open my mind, & create my blog however I wanted, & include whatever felt natural & fun to me.

Feels kinda like the same reckless abandonment as crossing the street without looking both ways; scary & thrilling…and not safe don’t ever do that!

But here I go! This will either be a mangled mess, or sheer luck & ninja instinct I’m still here; and more importantly so are you.

It wasn’t a hard decision to do it this way. That’s just how I am. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a stubborn learn-as-you-go kinda gal; and it’s worked out for me…for the most part.





























Like I said…For the most part…..


I never know what to put in these “about me” sections. I’m not about getting all autobiography-ey on you. I’m here to write a blog not list out my life. I feel that by reading my blog, you’ll get to know me better; & I think that’s better than me telling you who I am in “500 words or less” don’t you?

How about this too…Maybe let me know what you’d like to know & maybe I’ll share. Deal? Cool.

I will share with you though, the why I started this blog, as it feels pretty relevant.

Basically because I wanted to…I mean, let’s be honest, that’s really the main motivation for anyone to do anything. That, and I needed to; another good motivator.

The Wanted Bit: I wanted to have an outlet to laugh at myself; as I see the world, my observations, & my life in it…and I thought, why not share it. I love drawing, writing, being creative. It’s always been my best mode of communication; and I wanted to bring that back in my life.

The Needed Bit: I enjoy taking something & stretching it to the point of absurdity. (Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite concepts growing up.) I love laughing & making others laugh; connecting with people & sharing a smile. That’s all a big part of me; and I lost it. So, I needed to do something that makes me feel like…well, ME again. Why? Glad you asked; leads right into my next paragraph.

I had a text book pregnancy; perfect really. My first child; starting a family. Blue skies. The labor although was a bit…intense.

Yeah, yeah, I know; all women say that & they’re freakin’ right in saying so, believe me; but I’m not using “intense” as a general descriptive for labor.

It was intense as in I almost died…twice. Yeah. That kind of intense.




Long story short (I’ll share the long story with you one day perhaps), I was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy (Google it).

Basically congestive heart failure because my heart; although perfectly healthy & strong, for some reason couldn’t handle the intensity of labor…and was giving up.

This condition, for lack of better words…sucks…I mean majorly, unbelievably so. Forget my birth plan; my entire LIFE plan was thrown out the window.




It was in my heart’s best interest that I resign from my high stress career (I loved it though, so yeah that sucked too), & stay at home to focus on my health & recovery; which is what I’m doing now. And thankfully, I’m doing it well.

Bonus Feature: I get to raise my baby girl while home, & watch her sprout into a little person right before my eyes. She’s pretty darn amazing IMO.

But I do miss the me before I was diagnosed. I’m working on finding ways to find that me again.

This blog is one of them.

So…that’s the why; and that’s a little bit about me.

















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