My furry bestie, my soulpuppy, my furbaby of almost 16 years passed peacefully from this world almost two months ago. My little sweet and sassy Femi. You are gone from my sight; but never from my heart.

It’s been very difficult to muster up the ability to find my funny place; and draw and write again. Femi was a big part of my funny place. She was a tremendous muse for my blog and for my comic “It’s Ruff”. In honor of her; I’ll be making a post of all the comics that she lent a paw to create. Thank you, Femi, for being you; and so much more.


In Loving Memory of Femi:

On Wednesday night, September 12th our dear beloved Femi passed peacefully while surrounded by her family; as we each said our last whispered goodbyes and final tearful kisses. It was her time. Her body was ready to rest and her spirit, ready for the next adventure. She took a piece of our hearts with her as she left this world. She will always be with us.

We named her Femi; which is Nigerian for “Love Me”; so befitting because from the moment her tiny paws patted on my chest and her little pink tongue overwhelmed me with kisses; that’s all she wanted; to love and to be loved. She was such a gentle, compassionate spirit. Love was her natural element.

We love you Femi; more than we could ever express. We are so thankful for the time we had with you; almost 16 years; though eternity still wouldn’t be enough time with such a beautiful soul. All the extra snuggles, kisses, and hugs during your last days we now cherish in our hearts. Your memory and the love you gave; we will carry it on with us and share it as you did.



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