I just finished carving a pumpkin for my daughter; who’s a little over a year old.

YAY! Look how happy it is; silly even, with its cheeky two teeth grin. Cheery, festive, not too scary for the little one.

Best Jack-O-Lantern EVER IMO.



I thought, well let’s light this baby up. I gotta admit, I was far more excited about it than my little girl. Ok, I was probably far more excited about it than most grownups. I geek out & fan girl squee over anything Halloween; LOVE IT!

In goes the candle, out go the lights. It’s brilliant! The Great Pumpkin would be proud.




Ok now let’s turn on the lights & check out the pics…..

Click…click…click, click…click, click, click, click……..

The lights won’t come on. I check the fuse box. Nothing is tripped. I even tested each one. The lights still won’t come on.

The lights in all of the rooms work; just not the lights that would impede upon the Jack-O-Lantern’s glow; which are the kitchen lights, & the dining room lights that shine into the kitchen.

The electricity works perfectly. Microwave, clocks, fridge…. Not a single electrical problem. Only the lights.

“This lil’ light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine…” (Creepy ass pumpkin)

I sit here typing by the light of my phone. Spooky.

What’s more spooky? Last night I watched “Lights Out”; that movie with the demonic girl/creature entity that lives in the shadows & you have to keep the lights on or she’ll tear you to shreds…yea that one. So that’s all up in my head…thanks ever so much for the perfect timing on that one.

Guess this is all in keeping with the spirit of things. 🙂

Happy Halloween!





I decided I had to put an end to this Jack-O-Lantern’s evil ways. There was only one proper way to do that….


(Insert scary movie knife violin sound effect here. And I might as well point out now that I’m extra proud of my psycho face on the blade – NAILED IT!)

Needless to say, he met an, uhem, untimely end. Actually, the timing was perfect. I was hungry…



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