It had just stopped raining. We’re on our way home. A beautiful rainbow appears. The cool part…we’re approaching Rainbow Blvd; complete coinkydink. Of course, I squee & grab my phone (No I’m not the one driving, derp.) I give you:

“The Street & Sky Double Rainbow”

This wasn’t photoshopped in any way. (I added the arrows with the description text obviously, double derp.) Rainbow Blvd is a real street in Las Vegas, where I live. This corner is Rainbow Blvd & Blue Diamond Blvd.

Anyone have a Rainbow street in your neck of the woods?

Challenge: Capture a real street & sky double rainbow. Post it on the Popcorn Squirrel Mittens’ Facebook page. (There’s a link on the home page.)  I’ll bow to your awesomeness. Let it be known: If you photoshop it & try to pawn it off as real, you agree to be dubbed an asshat for all eternity.

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