On September 12th of this year, my beloved furbaby Femi left this world. She was my soul puppy, my furry bestie, my muse, and so much more. She was so sweet and sensitive; a little dog with a huge heart. She was also sassy and hilarious.

If ever a dog was funny, it was Femi. Her personality cracked me up many times. One of a kind. I was so blessed to have been able to call her mine…and I was hers; and we were such a pair, for almost 16 years.

In honor of her memory; below is a collection of all the comics she lent a paw to create. Each comic brings back memories of how pawsitively wonderful she was.


Femi was always so helpful.



And she always promoted sharing.

MINE blog combined


Even if you weren’t up for sharing; she had a way of changing your mind. The force was strong with her.

JEDI DOG  blog final 2.png


Femi was a doggie with convictions; especially over her sleeping spot.

My Spot blog final


She had a commanding bark.

SIREN blog final.png


And was the pack leader.

PACK blog final.png


With her alpha mentality, she’d rally the troops to exact her will….

or revenge for being left at home.

REVENGE blog final


She was sharp as a whip too. Nothing got past Femi.

SMELL FOOD blog final.png


At times, she was my voice of reason when I needed it most.

FURCOAT blog final 1


Femi was admittedly the jealous type; but it came from a place of love.

ANOTHER  blog final.png


She wasn’t big on dressing up, or Halloween; but she was a good sport about it.

DEVIL blog final


Normal doggie activities didn’t quite appeal to her either.

MY FISH blog final.png


Above all, Femi was a lady; and she acted as such.

WET SEAT blog final.png


Femi, you were, and will always be, a part of my heart and soul.

Thank you for our time together.

Thank you for the love, laughter, and memories.

Thank you, for you.






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