I think the cake new what was about to happen…

With a creamy icing & a Bavarian filling taunting me; its fate was sealed.

It had it coming. Who could blame me? No, I don’t even think the cake could.


My daughter’s first birthday cake. What was left of it anyway lol!

It was time to finish it once & for all. I took the pillars off of the top that stabilized the layer above it. When I lifted it, a look of horror was revealed. The cake knew it was about to meet it’s end.

Not even kinda sorry. What?! It was GOOD!


Have any cake pics worth a laugh? Post it on the Popcorn Squirrel Mittens’ Facebook page. There’s a link on the home page.

Sharing is the next best thing to cake….not really, but it sounds nice right?




Aftermath from the massacre. And no, I didn’t act alone…I’m not a savage.





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