Dogs are very sensitive. They pick up on things like feelings, gestures, moods, and apparently behavioral disorders.

We got a new mattress & frame. When we lifted the old one up to change it out; we discovered that our yorkie, like her Mommy (me), is total OCD.

Under the bed, she arranged all of her older “babies” (they’re not toys, they’re her babies) in a neat semi-circle. She arranged all of her newer “babies” in a tidy straight line at the head of the bed.


She threw a fit when we moved the bed; darting around her “babies”, trying to put them back in place. We disturbed her perfectly organized domain that she worked so hard to create. I don’t blame her; I’d be the same way.


I guess she watched me organize enough times & picked up on it.
I wonder if I constantly exposed her to folding clothes she’d pick up on that too…. 


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