Thanksgiving 2015: My sister is about to use a tub of butter today (well “butter”); as is customary when cooking a proper Thanksgiving dinner in our family (mmmm “butter”). She opens the lid & it has a sheer look of terror, as if it knows it’s face is about to get spooned out like Ben & Jerry’s on a dateless Friday night (mmmm ice cream).

Sorry friend, but being spread over freshly baked biscuits is your destiny & it demands to be fulfilled.

I am most thankful she shared this photo with me. You be thankful too.

Gotta food face of your own? I wanna see! Lemme see! Post it on the Popcorn Squirrel Mittens’ Facebook page. There’s a link on the home page.

Food & laughter make a wonderful combination…unless the food is milk…then maybe not so much. :/

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