Pic Share: FREE MONEY!?

So, I received an email a few weeks ago from a stranger; reaching out to give me money. The kind soul that she is somehow picked ME & sent money to my PayPal account (I didn’t know I had a PayPal account but I must since the email says so).

She was nice enough to email me personally too SEE! I must say, what an interesting email address & domain, “.io”. I don’t know many people in the Indian Ocean territory (Ok I don’t know ANY people in the Indian Ocean territory)… and “stuffqbbun” ???…okaaay…But hey maybe it’s a username with a special meaning; & who am I to judge; especially when there’s exactly “$3,182.00” at stake. Never look a gift horse in the mouth right?

Wow she even provided me with a link so I don’t have to go to my PayPal account (that I didn’t know I had), I can just “Click to continue”. Now THAT’S convenience!

Hmmm…the link seems to take me to a different website than PayPal; maybe that’s just a mistake in naming the coding or something; it has to be; after all, Adelaide said “Best of Luck”. That sounds sincere so it must be real.

What a thoughtful person; kinda like that Nigerian prince fellow. PayPal recommends I withdraw NOW, so I better be the good not-thinking-for-myself drone that I am & click right away!

Thanks Adelaide, wherever you are! You made my day!


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