Like many of you, for the New Year, I’ve made the resolution to shed those pesky pounds accumulated over the holidays. To aid in my endeavors, I’ve decided to monitor my caloric intake; and what better way in this technological age to accomplish this, than to use…that’s right; an app. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s do this!




I fell in love with this app….That is, until it I looked back at my previous day entries and saw the app was f#cking with me….


It was systematically replacing all of my food with BANANAS! WTF?!? SMH?!? WTH?!?


So the calories & food are completely off; which throws off my ability to accurately gauge what I’ve eaten in order to ensure I meet my monthly goal.

AND BANANAS! Of all things! For those who know me, know I don’t eat raw bananas. Yuck. Don’t judge me. I don’t like them. So of all the foods in existence to replace my entries with, the app chose the food I can’t stand & would never eat. Oh the irony of it all.

Friends, don’t use this app, unless you enjoy wasting your time while having an app mock you….Or you’re a monkey, in which case it wouldn’t matter.


(Note: This 100% happened. Other than my angry red scribbles (& covering up my personal info), my screen shots are completely unaltered.)

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