I decided since I killed a cake yesterday that I would be a responsible adult (ugh fine) and eat a nice healthy salad for lunch.

I got me a fancy “Loaded Turkey Nacho Salad”. Sounded way yum! I dumped it onto my plate; anticipating the bold flavor of this southwest style delight.

That’s when the anger set in…

First of all LOADED?! I got THREE PIECES of TURKEY STUMPS here. THREE. Loaded by who’s standards? A hamsters’? I mean I’m not expecting an entire turkey on my plate but I’ve seen more meat on a McDonald’s cheeseburger so don’t go waving around the “loaded” adjective so boldly…just saying.

And second, tiny red mushy nubs I can only assume are tomatoes, and soggy onions & corn does not a nacho make. That’s gotta be embarrassing.

Oh and lastly, thanks for the…how did you put it…“Bold 3 Pepper Colby Jack Cheese”. Bold? Bold of you to call it cheese. Cheese-like paste is more like it. At least you kept with your portion theory of “loaded” and gave me a 1/2 teaspoon of it; just enough to sprinkle on my tiny turkey bites.

I hate pre-made salads. Can you tell?

I get them thinking, “this time it’ll be different”…but they never change…I have only myself to blame…never again.

(There’s a serene joy that washes over me after a nice vent….I feel so much better now. ^.^)

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