My daughter loves Elmo’s World (this is the part where you feel sorry for me); & wants her fix 24/7, but Mommy needs to NOT bleed out her eyes & scream into a pillow; so watching this TV show is a timed event. Two episodes max.

It’s not that bad of a children’s program I guess; especially considering the alternatives…remember Teletubbies….Dear. God.

It’s educational too. At times though, I question it’s logic.

Case in point: The Jumping Episode.

Scene: Elmo is talking to a pogo stick….

Elmo: “Elmo loves jumping.”

Pogo Stick: “Then you’ll probably like some other jumping sports.”

Elmo: “Really? Like what?”

Pogo Stick: “How about, skydiving!! You jump out of a plane wearing a parachute. How great is that?!”

End Scene.

How does one’s trail of thought go from jumping on a pogo stick to skydiving? Jumping out of a plane & free falling to the earth with nothing but a sheet to slow you down, isn’t exactly the next level of intensity from bouncing 7 inches in the air on a stick.

That’s like saying, “Hey if you like feeding your goldfish, you’ll LOVE swimming in chum with great whites.”

But maybe that’s just me. ^.^


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