WARNING: This is NOT a G-Rated post. Turn away if you don’t want to see foul language. This IS however a very immature post that I was compelled to share because my mind is constantly converting back to a 12 yr old that laughs when someone says duty….heh heh “duty” tee hee….I digress; you get the point.



I was introduced to a word puzzle game. It’s kinda like Boggle. I like Boggle. I downloaded it to my phone. It’s a fun game. It’s developers seem to have had fun with it as well.


Erm..ok so I don’t know about you but I see that plan as day. I’m thinking, no way, that can’t be done on purpose. Must’ve been an unfortunate series of algorithm hiccups right?!

My immaturity factor is steadily increasing at a rapid pace the more I stare at my screen. The corners of my mouth begin to tighten in a valiant but futile effort to act as the dam; holding in the cheesy smile & tee hee sure to follow. Of course I have to see if it was just an accident…. So do you; don’t deny it.



It was not.

This is a common game easily downloaded by anyone. It’s not adult themed in any way. I’ll let your comments below continue my trail of thought here…


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