Welcome to Popcorn Squirrel Mittens

Come with me down the rabbit hole. We’ve got cookies!



What is my blog? Basically, Popcorn Squirrel Mittens is an illustrated comedy blog, brimming with sarcastic humor and hyperboles based on the my life experiences; and shared from my side of the looking glass.

I started it because I went through a very serious, life changing, almost dying twice, health scare after I gave birth to my first born, and I desperately needed to find my funny place again; so I created an outlet and it helped me deal and heal. And now, I feel pretty darn good; so I thought I’d share.

The blog’s name is as random as my writings. I literally thought it up because I couldn’t think of anything else. That makes no sense. Or does it?

If I had to describe my blog, I’d say it was a variety fun pack of stories, tangents, rants, and other sardonic musings; told through the my tilted head perspective.

The tone is light and cheeky with a snarky grin. It’s a relatable laughter escape; when you’re looking for something off the wall to take you away from all the seriousness; with stick figures. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway.

Take a break. Have a laugh…and maybe read it out loud after inhaling some helium.

Scientific Fact: Helium makes things funnier.

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