(I found this screenshot from last year, January 2016, and wanted to share. It’s funny now, but at the time, I wanted throw my phone at a busy street.)

The Story:

On January 2nd, my phone decided it was now 1902. Why? Because it hates me. I’m not fully understanding why a phone’s task manager would go back that far in the first place; pretty confident in saying no one is scheduling anything for the early 1900’s. But, it does go back that far, and mine did…on its own.

Now, here’s the way my POS phone worked: For the task manager (aka calendar), it’s automatically the current year. You can’t enter a year, so if you would want to check out a previous year, you would repeatedly tap the back button to go back to a previous year. Then, to return to the current year, you have to click the forward button through the months til you are once again at the current year.

With having explained that, you can now imagine what I had to do to get my phone back to the current year from 1902. That’s right, I had to click through the years, month by month; all 1,380 of them. This is the closest I will get to time travel; watching the years zoom by as I go back to the future. Just call me McFly!



SEE PHONE! This is why you are now somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Karma baby! That’s what happens to bad phones. (I should explain: This phone was washed away in November 2016 by ocean waves on a beach in Florida. The ocean was being a jerk for sure by taking my phone; but to be fair, my phone was an a$$hole so it had it coming.)

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